L2KOF - Lineage 2 Interlude.


Experiência (EXP) - 500x
Skill Points (SP) - 500x
Adena - 500x
Drop Itens - 1x

Enchants & Auguments

Safe Enchant: +5
Max. Enchant: +25

Max. Enchant Normal Scroll: +20
Max. Enchant Blessed Scroll: +20
Max. Enchant Gold Scroll: +25

Normal Scroll: 80% chance
Blessed Scroll: 100% chance
Gold Scroll: 50% chance

Augument Skills Chance: 0%

Custom Informations

Armor: TT·DK·DY (Same Status)
Weapon: S·DY·IC·EPIC (Same Status)
Jewell Boss
Tattoo Right/Left and Accessories +300
TvT Event every 1 in 1 Hours
Siege All Week
All boss Chaotic Zone
NO-BS in Area-PvP
Party Zone Special Drops
Area Farm Zone Custom
Party Kill Barakiel = Stats Nobless

Buffer Informations

Buff Slot 36 + 4 (Divine Inspiration free)
Scheme Buffs in NPC
All buffs in NPC
Buff time 2 hours

Olympiad Informations

Olympiads Time: 18:00 at 23:59 GMT-3
Olympiads Heros: 30 days
No Custom Items
Min 9 Matches to be Hero


All Injection Protections
DDoS protection
Ant Bot protection SmartGuard
Durability guaranteed
Professional Server 6 years old
We work in seasons, one season durability is 3-6 months


Todas as configurações e características que não foram informadas aqui estão Retail, ou seja, iguais ao Lineage II oficial, ou foram consideradas irrelevantes.

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